We Silence your Squeaky Floors, with NO Floor or Ceiling Replacement!

There is a solution to your squeaky floor that’s quick, affordable and long lasting.

We have been silencing squeaky floors and stairs since 2009, with our specially engineered technology.

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The Silent Floor Solutions advantage:

  • We silence Hardwood, Parquet, Carpet, Stairs, and more
  • We don't remove or open your floor or ceiling
  • Our solutions is long lasting
  • The results are practically invisible
  • Most projects only take 1 to 2 days
  • Non-invasive process - we don't even move your furniture!

Here’s how we work:

Assessment (first visit):

  • We inspect your floor for problem areas, structural issues and other external factors
  • We locate, outline and work only in the areas identified
  • We provide you with a comprehensive quote and agree on your project

Repair (second visit):

  • We arrive with our equipment and analyze your floor
  • We don’t make a mess or move your furniture
  • We apply a specially developed adhesive through tiny holes
  • We stabilize the structure of your floor
  • We leave no noticeable marks or holes
  • We don't need to tear out your floor or ceiling
  • We finish the project fast – often in just one day
  • Within a few hours, you can enjoy your house without squeaky floors!

Check out what our clients are saying - Read our Reviews


Our newborn would wake up constantly because of our noisy floors. Thanks to you she can finally sleep, and so can we.

Jason and Brandy, Markham

It’s so nice to get some peace in our home. Ever since the kids moved back it’s been a constant racket, but you’ve certainly helped cut down on a big part of it.

Tom Angler, Etobicoke

We had so much traffic through our store that the floor just couldnÕt handle it any more, but your treatment of our high traffic areas has done.

Jeff Sachs, Toronto